4 ways to save spring clean and save energy this spring

Spring is only a month away, which means one thing: No, not we're not talking about sunny weather, beautiful flowers and morning bike rides. We're talking about spring cleaning!

Every spring, people clean their homes, but unfortunately they waste a lot of energy doing so. This year, we're proposing that you try a different approach – one that not only protects the environment but that can also help you save money on your monthly energy bills. Here are four ways to save energy while cleaning your residence:

"During the summer, flip the fan so it's spinning counterclockwise."

1. Switch up those ceiling fans
Did you know your ceiling fans aren't supposed to spin in one direction all year? During the summer, flip the fan so it turns counterclockwise. This pushes cool air to the floor and creates a wind chill effect by evaporating precipitation. As you can imagine, this natural cool air will allow you to turn down your HVAC system and keep you cool when you're lifting all of those heavy boxes full of old items 

2. Replace air conditioning filters
Spring weather typically doesn't get too hot in the northern portions of the U.S., but if it does, you may feel tempted to turn on your air conditioning system. Before doing so, ensure your A.C. filters aren't clogged. This can reduce your system's efficiency by decreasing air flow, according to Energy.gov.

3. Dust
If your A.C. unit's filters are dusty, it's a sign you should dust your home. Particles gather and settle quickly, blocking filters and coils in devices, and create an unhealthy environment. Clean ceiling fans, furniture and electronics.

4. Inspect the windows
Spring cleaning isn't just about cleaning the inside of your home. You also need to ensure the outside of your home is well cared for. While you're washing them down, make sure they close tightly. Air leaks can develop as homes settle or age, and they can put strain on your A.C. unit as the system is forced to pump additional air to compensate for the air that's leaving.

This year, don't just clean your home, save energy while doing so. These are just a few tips to help you clean your residence while thinking green. Before you pick up a duster and vacuum, jot down several other energy-efficient ideas, and commit to adhering to them.