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Are you looking for a new place to call home?

Maybe you’ve been to home showing after showing, never fully satisfied with the features and floor plans of the houses you’ve seen. You’re trying to find a home to meet every item on your wish list, without having to go through the expensive and time consuming process of renovation. Or maybe you’re looking to start building on a lot, but you’re shocked by the outrageously high overhead costs quoted to you for on-site construction.

Carolina Custom Homes Has Your Solution

We knew there was a better way to build. We can give you a more energy efficient home built to the your specifications, all within your budget!

A modular home is the best way to create a dream home fully customized to your every need.

Carolina Custom Homes provides you with the floor plan and you dream up the rest. With hundreds of superior floorplans to choose from, and even more high end features you can add and customize, the only limit on your new home is your imagination.

Well, and your budget. But you can actually save thousands of dollars by creating your own modular dream home.

Carolina Custom Homes is centrally-located in Burlington, and we are available to build your modular home anywhere throughout the state of North Carolina.

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Our Custom Homes Are...


Our modular homes are assembled in a climate controlled facility which reduces costs and waste dramatically. We are committed to providing a low overhead alternative to your typical construction job, meaning more money goes directly towards building your home.

Energy Efficient

You will save even more money on your energy bill because our modular homes are highly energy efficient, thus reducing waste and environmental impact. In addition to saving you money on a monthly basis, building a green home can even earn you a one time tax credit.

Fully Custom

No matter what your budget is, you can have your dream home. We have floor plans for all budgets, high quality add ons, and extra features to meet every want and need on our checklist. We are dedicated to building a reliable, durable, and energy efficient home for you that is unrivaled in quality.

And when your home is complete and it’s time for you to move in,
Carolina Custom Homes will be there to say…

Welcome Home!

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Although we're based our of Burlington, we proudly build a variety of custom homes in several areas of North Carolina. Orange locations on the map represent a case by case building basis.

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Carolina Custom Homes Modular Homes in North Carolina

Search our modular home floor plans, find your favorite one, and contact us to begin customizing it into your dream home.


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