Energy Efficient Homes

The smart, simple way to build green homes

Green building might seem like a new concept, but creating homes centered on energy efficiency is nothing new to us. Our building methods are simple and green. We produce less waste and use more energy efficient components and recycled materials. We also incorporate high efficiency truss systems into our homes, which means that even the structure of your home is engineered to be more energy efficient.

Green building has always come naturally to us. That’s why our homes exceed the energy efficiency options offered by any of our competitors. We also exceed North Carolina’s standards for energy efficiency because we do more than just follow code: we surpass what’s expected and offer you the most efficient homes we can. Our green building process reduces the amount of post construction waste by as much as 75%.

Upgrading to a more energy efficient home will save you money on your energy bill and can even earn you a one time tax credit. It’s not just good for the environment: it’s in your best interest to invest in energy efficiency.

From floor joists to floor coverings, from Low-E insulated windows and superior insulation to less drywall waste: we can help you boost your dream home into a green home!

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All of our green homes come with a(n)

  • 10 year structural warranty

  • 10 year HVAC warranty from Trane

  • 2 to 10 year Home Buyers Warranty

  • ENERGY STAR® Certification

The LP®TechShield® Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing Advantage

All of our Carolina Custom Homes Signature Series modulars come with the LP®TechShield® Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing. Unlike conventional sheathing, LP®TechShield® Sheathing features a thin, durable layer of aluminum laminated to the OSB roof sheathing. This creates a highly effective radiant barrier. It has earned ENERGY STAR® certification from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. Because it helps block radiant heat from entering home, LP®TechShield® Radiant Roof Sheathing can reduce air conditioning bills by up to 17% and attic temperatures by up to 30°F! With up to a 20 year transferable warranty, it’s a win for you, your wallet, and the environment!

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LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier is a building material with built-in environmental benefits.

  • The barrier is made from engineered wood substrate, a renewable resource with reduced environmental impact.
  • LP® uses SFI® certified forest management and procurement sys­tems, which help ensure wood comes from well managed forests.
  • Small, fast growing trees are targeted as raw materials for this barrier to ensure a lower impact on forests.
  • In LP®’s manufacturing process, no part of the log goes to waste.
  • LP® only uses low-emitting, safe resins as a binder.
  • The LP® TechShield® Barrier reduces energy consumption by blocking radiant heat in the roof panel from entering the attic. This keeps the attic cooler, can lower energy costs, and makes the home more comfortable.
  • The LP® TechShield® Barrier is a certified ENERGY STAR® product that can potentially reduce how much energy your HVAC system uses.
  • This system can help you meet codes and qualify for certification points in a number of leading green building programs.

ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes

As an ENERGY STAR® partner, we build all of our homes to achieve ENERGY STAR® Certification so our customers receive the most efficient housing solutions possible. Please ask your housing consultant for more details on how you can make your next home ENERGY STAR® certified!

2 X 6 Exterior Wall Construction

In addition to providing superior support for your new home, our 2 x 6 construction on all of our Carolina Custom Signature Series homes will also come with additional insulation in your walls. Our insulation has earned a rating of R-21 energy efficiency from the Department of Energy. That means your insulation will keep you comfortable year-round, blocking out those cold winter winds and the hot summer sun.

Green. Efficient. Smart.

Find out how green, systems built technology and construction is the right choice for you and your modular home in North Carolina.


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