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We love online shopping as much as anyone, but there are some things you just can’t get on Amazon (and even if you can, it doesn’t always mean you should). We understand that even if you like the floorplan, description, and photos of a house that you see online, you can’t get the feel of a house through our website alone. Sure, budget, size, and style are all factors you can use to filter your options, but when it comes to actually build your future home, you’ll want that gut feeling that you’ve found “the one” before you can move forward in confidence. Browsing online might help you narrow down your options, but can you really judge a house’s potential to be your new home in a few months by just scrolling through a gallery? As much as we love our virtual tours, probably not. We get it, and we want you to experience that wonderful, gut feeling that you’ve finally nailed down your perfect home because when you know, you just know.  

Come explore these homes in our showroom now!

Which is why we always have a number of model homes available here at Carolina Custom Homes’ showroom in Burlington, NC.

If you’re starting from scratch and want to make your own floor plan, you can find inspiration by seeing which of our existing floor plans feel right for you and start customizing from there. If you’re torn between two or three options, you can stroll the hallways in person, test the kitchen setups to make sure you’ll have enough dancing room while you’re cooking, and see for yourself if all of your clothes will fit in the master closet.

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