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Tips for Planning A Housewarming Party

There’s no greater feeling than having moved into your new home. Everything is fresh and exciting, and it deserves to be shown off! Welcoming guests into your home is a great way to celebrate and settle in, so here are some tips to ensure everything goes smoothly during your housewarming party:

1. Plan It Out

Plan way ahead of time! Decide what type of gathering you’d like to have and who you’d like to invite. You might want something more informal, like guests dropping in throughout the afternoon and staying for casual drinks light snacks, or you can throw a formal dinner party. No matter what you choose or how elaborate you’d like it to be, you won’t regret giving yourself plenty of time to prepare for it.

2. Decide How to Invite Guests

Once you’ve made your guest list, it’s time to get those invites sent out! There are many ways to go about this, such as a simple phone call, a Facebook invite, an online invitation (maybe through Paperless Post), or even a handwritten letter. Whatever you decide to go with, make sure you require your guests to respond to your invitation by a certain date. This way you’ll know exactly who and how many are coming and you can prepare accordingly.

Housewarming party Four people clinking glasses with wine
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3. Clean Up Your House

A housewarming party is unique in that guests will likely expect to see most of the rooms in the house. This means you’re going to have to go that extra mile to spiff up every room and make sure all your valuables are put away. In particular, focus on prepping your bathrooms – which will likely see more traffic than usual – and make sure the entire house smells great. Candles, diffusers, or air fresheners are essential here.

4. Prepare Seating

You want your guests to feel comfortable, so making sure they have a place to sit – instead of standing around awkwardly – is a must. You may need to pull chairs from other rooms in order to provide enough seating for everyone, but trust us, everyone will feel more at ease.

Pro tip: if you have benches, trunks, or even unpacked boxes, spruce them up with fabric (particularly the boxes) and offer them as seats.

Housewarming party Friends having dinner

5. Enjoy Yourself

Don’t get too caught up in all the things you have to do to keep the party going. Take the time to talk, eat, and relax with your friends and family. It might be helpful to ask family members or trusted friends beforehand to help you out during the party, so you won’t have to handle everything yourself.

Plus, you’ll want some extra time to document with lots of fun pictures, and you can make an album of them later on. This will be a special event for you, so don’t hesitate to commemorate the occasion. Now is the time when you can genuinely start to enjoy your new living space with people you love!

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